A chance to publish your impressions on game day.


Become a Rugby day 'creative texter' by telling us what your day is like and project your thoughts into the Welsh capital for all to see by using your mobile phone.

On Saturday 20th March 2010 the BBC Big Screen at St Davids Hall in the Hayes will get its first 'talk back', a stream of public text messages from midday to 2 pm.

People of all ages, shoppers, families, rugby fanatics, revellers and visitors to the capital are invited to take part in this sharing of views, memories, opinions or even jokes, whilst remaining anonymous, with the crowd around them,.

TXT2Crowd is a new social media initiative, an exciting collaboration between Dr Ian Grimstead from Cardiff University's School of Computer Science, artist Glenn Davidson of Artstation, the internationally acclaimed art, media and research practice based at Chapter Art Centre in Cardiff, creative writer Briony Goffin of Cardiff University and anthropologist Kath Williams of the University of Glamorgan.

Dr Grimstead said: “It’s a great opportunity to interact with people and to see and read any thoughts they’d like to share – a chance to facilitate the use of the TXT messages for a public arena…It’s quite a challenge to express yourself within 160 characters”!

Glenn Davidson the architect of this event explained, “We’d like to get people thinking and playing more with the way they use TXT messages as a creative medium, everyone becoming a creative txter”.

People are invited to send TXT messages to
07805 529 937
on Saturday 20th March from midday until 2pm. TXTs will then be forwarded through the TXT2Crowd system to the BBC Big Screen. Various questions and provocations will be screened, to provide a theme for TXTs, which will change during the event.

above: Big Screen control room image showing crowd camera

above: Event Postcard


above: The interactive TXT2Crowd used simple provocations for 2 hours on the Big Screen

above: Interaction through TXT2Crowd

above: Interviewing creative txters (W.Mason Camera Artstation and S Morgan Interviewer BBC)