Thu 24 — Sat 26 September 2009
Iau 24 — Sad 26 Medi 2009

For the final exhibition in the temporary Caffi Bar, we have invited Artstation to create a live interactive installation.

Over the past year Artstation have been researching and exploring the use of technology as a way of interacting with and reflecting our environment. For this installation they’re inviting you to text your comments and thoughts to a mobile phone number.

The information will be processed and projected onto the wall of our Caffi Bar. The artwork will create a live tapestry of publicly generated content for other Chapter visitors to read, ignore or get involved with. The system provides a way of communicating ideas, poetry, memories, slogans, prepared texts, quick notes etc.

It’s an opportunity for you to make comments about Chapter, things you have seen or done — your imagination is the limit.

The mobile number will be projected as a footnote on the installation itself. The software has been developed in association with Dr Ian Grimstead from Cardiff University and anthropologist Kath Williams of the University of Glamorgan. This project is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, UnLtd and Science Shops Wales of University of Glamorgan.

Promotion : Cardiff University

**A new paper has been written by the TXT2 research team lead by Artstation. It will be presented at this year's European Meeting on Cybernetics and System Research [EMCSR] at University of Vienna in April 2010 and published in the proceedings.




Thanks to everyone who participated and Chapter.


Glenn Davidson of Artstation

Ian Grimstead - computer science

Kath Williams - Anthropology with Briony Goffen - Creative Writing