GRANGESOUND 2016 - 2017


As part of the Mobile Crowdsensing Network project.

Glenn Davidson and Mike Fedeski collaborate in a 10 min presentation
for Grangetown Pavilion Saturday 25th June 2016.


" Walking through Grangetown we hear all sorts of sounds. We can't help
but hear them. We can close our eyes, and the sounds are still around us.
We can hear more than, and further than, we can see. This makes a
‘soundscape’ bigger than the visible street.

We tend to ignore the sounds around us, perhaps because we find them
uninteresting or even unpleasant. But are we missing out? Sounds are revealing.
What we hear, even if it is out of sight, often reveals the true ugliness
or beauty of a scene. To "open our eyes" to what is happening all around us,
all we have to do is listen.

The sounds you hear change as you move from neighbourhood to

is there a soundscape that is characteristic of each neighbourhood?
- we want to find out;

do the sounds we hear in our neighbourhood belong there, or are they intruders?
- we want to find out.

We believe that soundscape is an aspect of environment that should be given
more consideration in urban planning. We deserve an environment that we
can relax in without facing stress-inducing noise. A sensitively planned
soundscape can make a positive contribution to our well-being.

A Cardiff Council initiative in Grangetown is bringing a new landscape to the
streets bordering the Taff. This Greener Grangetown project will bring
a range of long-term environmental benefits to the area. But what will it
do to the soundscape? Let’s find out together. " 

images M. Fedeski


For more information on Greener Grangetown download :

Rain Garden.pdf

Map of Scheme.pdf