From Street Sounds to Dance Music

Soundscape Party

Thursday 25 May, 7pm to 9 pm
Grange Pavilion, Grange Gardens

Grangetown residents will be able to dance to sounds gathered from their streets in an unusual party planned for May. The rhythms for the dance will be mixed by a professional DJ using street sounds that residents have collected.

Residents are capturing sounds which evoke impressions for them of their Grangetown neighbourhoods. We will mix what they bring back into rhythmic tracks for the party in Grangetown Pavilion, to which all comers will be invited, in a dance from the sounds of one neighbourhood to another.

You can hear examples of our mixes below. If you would like to contribute your own sounds there are instructions here.






The sonic environment

This event is the climax to the Mobile Crowdsensing project which has been running in Grangetown through the last year. Residents have been working with scientists and artists to evaluate the quality of their environment. As part of this, one group led by Artstation has been encouraging residents to listen to the sounds around them. Soundscape is a more important aspect of urban planning than is generally acknowledged. We should be able to relax in the outdoor environment without the stress of noise which, research shows, can cause depression, illness and even weight gain. A sensitively planned soundscape, in contrast, can make a positive contribution to our well-being.

Listening requires no special training - anyone can do it. We have been inviting residents to “open their ears” to ugliness and beauty in the local soundscape. What you hear reflects what is happening all around. The everyday sounds of weather, birds, walking, boats on the river, children in gardens, and chatting tell us about life and nature in your neighbourhood. The recordings collected in this project will tell a story about what sounds and activities residents have found significant.

Joel Elmono: Music (maker/producer),

Glenn Davidson Sound Artist/Researcher (Artstation),

Mike Fedeski Sound Artist/Researcher (Artstation)

Web site:


What we do

We are a small group working under the Artstation umbrella to draw greater attention to the sonic environment in cites. When living in cities, we should expect and demand soundscapes that contribute significantly to our wellbeing. Yet, as science shows us, when it is neglected the urban soundscape deteriorates to become a cause of stress for us all.

We work towards improvement of the sonic environment. We aim to increase the public’s awareness of it, and in so doing create conditions in which people may care more about it. Our approach is to run projects that sensitise the public to their everyday sonic environment with the idea of ultimately influencing policy makers.

We are experimenting with different approaches. We have looked at note-taking, recording, mapping, games, analysis, discussion, and composition as ways of focussing people’s listening. We have worked with concepts like sonic place, tranquil access, indigenous sounds, and sonic character to evaluate soundscapes. We have developed experimental tools for exploring, listening and mapping, which give our projects a particular identity.

Our work brings a balance between science and art to soundscape studies. In our first projects, we selected a geographic feature or region large enough to have its own soundscape, invited the community in and around it to explore on foot the impact of that soundscape on their state of mind, and directed a cooperative mapping of their experience into visual art works.