Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Phone : 44(0)7740 173164

An art and media partnership formed in 1989 by visual artists Glenn Davidson and Anne Hayes.

We are visual artists working in the political and social sphere and our work draws its aspiration and ethos from the twin imperatives of social justice and ecological sustainability.

We have worked in Cardiff for 40 years tackling these issues in the post-industrial landscape of Wales, an experience which has shaped and fortified our international perspective. Our practice is critically acclaimed for its contemporary ingenuity and prescience.

Our projects contribute to the ongoing discourse around art, architecture, people and place and draw collaborators from across a wide range of disciplines including physics, politics, law, the educational sector, community development and the social sciences. Our intuitive practice with materials and technologies manifests as media, live art and performance work which deliberately defies characterisation. Its continuity of form and content falls beyond the common expectations and assumptions normally associated with art practice.

An early influence on our arts practice was the cybernetic approach to information and conversation theory. We were quick to see the creative potential in computing and we have consistently drawn on new technology in subsequent work. Another early influence was the Artist Placement Group (APG) which demonstrated that the artist's role in the world is to be socially relevant and to make a difference. Our evolving ideas about cultural production have lately focussed on working with people in communities and organisations. In this work, the conversations we engage in become a catalyst from which grow artworks that embody key concerns and aspirations of the host communities.

These artworks often take on abstract or metaphoric form. One medium we give more attention to in our recent work is sound. We are learning about the health of environments and the well-being of communities by listening to them and using the sound signatures we hear to tell their stories.


New Site
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Anchor Peoples
Senedd exhibition about Communities First 2018 (current).

The Sound of Healthcare
NHS Soundscape Commission 2018. (current).

Listening Eye
Vertical Studio Soundscape Study - WSA 2018.

Send a Friend to Sea
Gower Landscape Partnership 2017/18 (updated).

Augmented Listening
Vertical Studio Soundscape Study- WSA 2017.

HKU Soundscape & Exhibition
Finding Future's Way 2016.

Citizen Listening 2017.

Mobile Crowd Sensing 2016/17.

Artstation, Assemble, M.Titchner, Freee Art Collective April 2016.

Arts + Minds
AIR St Georges Court Tredegar 2015/16.

Artists In Residence Hong Kong Uni
Starting in Jan 2015 - September 2016.

River Sonics III
Community Listening / Living Taff 2015- 16.

River Sonics II

River Soundscape Sept - Oct. 2015.

Soundscape ONCA Gallery + Brighton Uni.
presentation 4th June 2015.

Sad Ad Agency
Flatpack Philosophy proposal 2014.

Swansea Lagoon P
Design Collaboration 2014.

A.I.R. CAT Machynlleth
Residency 2014.

River Sonics I
River Soundscape project WSA 2014.

Research on River Taff
On going walking with friends
Film. Interactive Prezi 2013-14.

Landscape Narrative - Blodeuwedd
Interactive collaboration 2013.

Taffs Well Thermal Spring Page
Vertical Studio for the Welsh School of Architecture 2013.

Dylan Thomas House Event 2013
Collaboration School of European Studies 2013

Artist in Residence at BRASS 2012
ESRC Research Centre for Business Relationships Accountability
Sustainability and Society at Cardiff University 2013

TXT Inside / Outside
Ministry of Justice / BBC / HMI YOI Parc Beacon for Wales 2012.

Transpoetry - A Moire Poetry Site
Commission by Cardiff University 2013.

Poetry and TXT2 Event
With poets Philip Gross and Tsead Bruinja
Chapter event : Commissioned by TransEuropa Festival 2011.


TXT event for BBC Big screen Cardiff 2010


Comission by Natural Landscape Network 2010.

TXT Installation for Baylit Shock of the New Cardiff Literature Festival,
an evening of poerty and music October 2010.

Bucharest Biennial
ON OFF in Romania Sept 2010.

Exhibition in Netwerk Gallery, Aalst, Belgium Sept-Oct 2010.
Gallery Notes: pdf
Gallery Images:pdf

Interactive TXT Installation for BBC Big Screen in Cardiff -
Wales v/s Italy rugby day April 20th 2010

MYLIT Festival Commission 2009.

Installation at Chapter 2009.

Interactive TXT Installation for Nutopia Cardiff 2009

ON-OFF switch board
R8R Festival comissions
Exhibition - Surface Gallery, Nottingham UK 2009.

ON-OFF performance lecture (PowerPoint)

ON OFF - COUNTER RESEARCH:(working again)

ON OFF Projection Installation
Climate for Change - FACT Liverpool UK 2009.

MIGRATION blogsite
Research association with Cardiff University.

St Josephs Arising Nature Installation
Commission by Science Shops Wales.

Freehouse In the State of Cwmaman:
Research association with U of Glamorgan.

Website - QT In Memory H.Gouget

Glamorgan Uni.

research site.
Interpret Wales/Dehongli Cymru (PDF)

2004 Horse Paining - ArtMap
3 mins QT required.

2004 Fire - ArtMap
3mins QT requred

Old Education Site



International Architectural Installations


Design Team and Architecture

© Ziggurat

Cardiff Bay / Water Treatment Works

Art and Media Archives

© Leopard Bananas, Zebra Pears, and Desert Filotaxia

select mini movies:
2000 Royal Festival Hall London - Mpeg
1997 National Museum of Wales Paradise Fruit - Mpeg
1994 Manchester Science Museum - Mpeg
1993 Filotaxia Garden Installation Stuttgart - Mpeg
1991 Artworks Wales - Tall Pine Filotaxia Exhibition - Mpeg
1990 Virginia USA - Bitori with Gordon Pask - Mov

select papers:
EMCSR 2010 paper Vienna : Art on Interaction and Conversation (PDF)
Artstation's Media Art Genre by Guilherme Kujawski Donau Uni. Krems Austria. (PDF)
Interview by Dr G Futardo Porto Architectire School Portugal (PDF)
Brighton - Fourth Door Review - Brighton (PDF)
Bitori- Virginia Beach American Society for Cybernetics (PDF)
Locomotion - kinetic performance installation 1984 - 8 (PDF)
The monumental installations of Artstation - by Prof. Frank Galuzka (PDF)
Journal of Media Practice - GD and W.Mason Intellect Publishers (PDF)
EMCSR 2008 paper Vienna - Art and Cybernetics (PDF)